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The Old View

19TAL (A Bedroom Facelift)

This project had me shift gears.  The client wanted to change her Main Bedroom yet she couldn't quite articulate how she wanted it to look - just how she didn't want it to look. She knew she wanted it to look light but she didn't want it to look boring.  My challenge was in how to design a Main Bedroom that was soothing yet sumptuous as well and figuring out how to add "highs and lows" to the aesthetics so that there would be a range to all the lightness.  My solution...textures and patterns.   

Another View

A Bed Just Waiting to be Slept In

We had this custom bed made and upholstered it in an off-white, high-quality velvet.  The bed cover is custom made as well with elastic corners sewn in underneath to hold it onto the mattress. Throw pillows and bolsters in different textures and patterns to finish off the look.  All fabrics from Kravet fabrics.  All trims from Samuel and Sons. 

Reinventing a Lounge Chair

I didn't particularly like this lounge chair and was hoping that the client would be willing to change it for a new one.  Alas, she thought it was very comfortable and was reluctant to let it go.  So I looked for ways to "upgrade" the look of it (notice the soft, lumpy right arm and the very obvious back seams).  

Cozy and Appealing Yet a Little Dated
Sexy Lucite Legs.jpeg

New Legs, White Velvet, some Shirring and Voila! 

Notice that the seat now showcases a bit of tufting that has it match the style of the bed.  The Lucite legs and the shirring on the deck add a bit of drama to the chair.  

A Balloon Shade from the Past

The original window treatments were beautiful, although after several decades, understandably, a bit tired-looking and sad. 

Window Treatment from Times Gone By
The New View

Let There be Light

A patterned Duralee fabric on the new window shades contrasts quite nicely with the solid velvet cornices.  The fabric of the self-welted cornices is the same as the fabric on the bed and I elected to keep it without tufting or patterns to add some softness to the look. 

A Cozy Place to Curl Up and Read

This corner is just perfect for lounging, enjoying the room and most importantly, taking a nap...before going to bed! 

Shine a Light On It.jpeg
Original MBR Bed.jpeg

The Original Bed

Note the low headboard with the Erte above it.  

A Touch of Drama...

Diamond tufting and Lucite legs make the off-white, textured velvet have panache. 

MBR Bed-New.jpeg

A Lucite Lamp & a Custom Shade - A Match Made in Heaven

Lamp purchased at Kravet.  Self-welted, Dupioni Silk, Custom Lamp Shade by Illume NYC. 

Lucite Lamp w_ Custom Lampshade
A Reframed Erte

Reinventing Artwork

I reframed the Erte and moved it into the Main Bathroom.  On the tone-on-tone, white, patterned wall paper, she reigns divinely. 


Ahhh...A Soothing Bath is Beckoning

A Custom-Upholstered, Lucite-Framed, Vanity Chair

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