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200RSB (Full Apartment Gut & Reno)

When I met with the clients to renovate their pied-a-terre, the very first thing they said to me was "We want the 'Wow' factor.  Our goal is that everyone who comes to visit gets swept up into the design of the space, even before saying hello!" Obviously, not only was this thrilling to hear, it was an opportunity to get creative.  Namely, how to create a design that would enhance, not fight, the spectacular views.  I was also inspired by the fact that one of the clients is an artist and so together, we found ways of tying the design to the art and vice-versa. All the artwork in the space is hers.  


A Great Room with Limited Space

Knocking down a couple of walls we converted a galley kitchen and an odd-shaped living and dining room into a dramatic great room.  Unable to relocate the original waterline for the refrigerator, I finished the vertical column on the island with the same reflective laminate as on the soffit above it to have it disappear. 

Modern Kitchen Reflecting The View

The kitchen is surrounded by 7' high windows with stunning views all around it. I wanted to make certain that even when at the sink washing dishes, they could enjoy the views all around them. Notice the reflected skyline in the cabinetry finish.


A Little Feng Shui Remedy

A reflective finish behind the stove is great for attracting and amplifying abundance.  Since the cooktop is on the island, there was no place to install it so instead, I installed it on the soffit ceiling. 

A Relaxing Shower...

We removed the oversized jacuzzi tub and replaced it with this shower, trimmed out in Fantini plumbing fixtures.  The pressure of the waterfall on achy muscles is just heaven. 


An Inviting Main Bedroom

A custom, upholstered bed and bench, asymmetrical lamps on either side and an animal-print-like area rug on the floor. 

Cooking and Socializing

I made a very conscious decision to place the cooktop on the island instead of where it was originally located - facing the wall behind it.  This way, while cooking, the clients could either enjoy the views or be fully engaged with their guests. 


A Guest Bedroom with Pizazz

Pops of color on a Bart Halpern Lavender Silk Wallcovering...

The Living Room

Plenty of seating for guests to mingle, giggle and celebrate.


Still with a View

Someone sitting at the dining room table with their back to the windows doesn't mean they don't have a view.


A Clean Countertop

Plenty of counterspace to prep and cook, to set a buffet or just to enjoy.


Comfy Velvet with Function

This custom sofa-bed is comfy whether it's closed to sit upon or open to sleep on. 


An Inner Lining Peeking Through

The custom lampshades have a Sahco fabric on the outside and a teal-green, Dupioni silk interior. 

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