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1303HEA Entryway (In Process)

For years, the client has wanted to demolish the entryway platform in her house.  We discussed it in detail and since the entryway is the foundation of the staircase to the 2nd floor, kept putting it off because of the mess it would create.  Finally unwilling to look at it anymore, the client gave her approval to move forward.  Only for me to discover that the engineered wood floor we had installed in her living room 14 years ago was no longer available and, since she had no wish to replace the floor in the entire downstairs living space (a whopping 30 foot long  x 16 foot wide space).

Additionally, she wanted to upgrade her staircase and kept vacillating between replacing the posts and the spindles (which she hates), and finding someway to make the staircase look refreshed without necessarily replacing elements.  Not to mention, with the removal of the entryway platform, we had no choice but to modify, at the very least, the bottom part of the staircase as we would now have to extend it 10" to reach the new entryway floor level.  


I had my work cut out for me.  I had to come up with a solution that would integrate the existing wood floor with the new entryway floor material, find a way to "refresh" the staircase while extending it and since we just recently reupholstered all the pre-fabricated furniture we purchased in 2008, I wanted the new flooring not only to match the existing wood floor, but to also have a relationship to the new fabrics and finishes that now dwelled in her home.


Struck with inspiration, I came up with a concept that does all of that.  


See some of the before photos below and stay tuned for the photos of the finished project.


To be continued...  


A Platform Entryway

In 2008 we removed the ceramic tile that the builder had installed in the house and replaced it with marble tiles that I grouted in a deep sienna color.  It has held up well but will now not survive the demolition of the platform, not to mention, it's time for an upgrade.

The View from the Front Door

When someone comes in the front door, the first view of the home is the staircase.  Notice how the golden-stained, oak bannisters and railings stand out like a sore thumb, especially against the bright white spindles and trim. 


The Existing Front Door

The current door will not reach to the level of the new entryway floor so we will have to replace it. 

New Fabrics Call for a New Floor

Looking at the dining room from the other side of the entryway platform you can see that the staircase colors do not match the new colors in the fabrics and art and that the marble now looks somewhat forlorn. 


Coming Soon...

Please pardon our appearance while we get ready in the wings...

Coming Soon...

Please be patient while we get the space ready.


Coming Soon...

Please be patient while we get the space ready.

Coming Soon

Just a little while longer...


Not Quite There Yet...

All good things take time

Light and Shadow
Light and Shadow

Coming Soon...

Not quite there yet.

Light on the Stairs

We're working on it

Be out soon...

A Final Look

The last photo of the marble floor before it leaves for good.

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