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Lobby - Mocawa Plaza Apartments  (In Process)

I was recently hired to give this lobby a "fresh, new look" that incorporated new colors and would appear lighter than it currently does.  Read my blog "What To Do When You Can't Start from Scratch" for the details.  


Uninviting and a Little Gloomy

Notice how even though the lobby is quite long and the ceiling is quite high, the seating area looks constrained and the illusion of an obstacle in the pathway of the entryway. 

Clean but Uninspiring

The inconsistent and insufficient lighting is exacerbated by the fact that the east-facing, glass entryway allows light to drench the first 10 feet of the lobby but not enough to warm up the interior of the space. 


An Overabundance of Earth-Tones

Brown and green combined can be quite soothing however, in this lobby, the green in the artwork is very bright, which is somewhat jarring in such a dark-appearing space, and the brown is too deep to lend the warmth that would have this lobby occur as more harmonious. 

The Experience of a Gauntlet

The 15-foot long reception desk, while quite functional, enhances the feeling of this lobby not being wide enough.  Combined with the inconsistent lighting, you have the experience of walking into a cave as you make your way to the waiting area for the elevators.  Note the use of pendants more suited to a kitchen island rather than a commercial space. 


An Unappealing View from the Elevators

Scale is everything.  Note how the artwork on this wall makes the wall look mammoth and makes the artwork look under-scaled.  The colors also do not add any vivacity to the area. This area is begging for color!!!

Coming Soon...

Come back and visit us in 6 weeks when phase 1 of this lobby facelift will have been completed. 

White Room
Bright Space

We're Working On It

Please wait while we work behind the scenes.

Still In Process...

We'll be out soon...

Cleaning the Office

Please Wait


Pretty Lobby
Man Reading the Newspaper

Just a Little While Longer

Thank you for your patience.

Window Cleaning

We're Freshening Up

The big reveal is coming soon 

Light and Shadow

The Final Touches

A little paint, a couple of lights, and voila...stay tuned.  

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